How to cut my credit cards : make boomerangs

Boomerangs are L-shaped objects that return back to the person who throw them in any direction. Credit Cards are made of rigid and virtually indestructible plastics and hence they are a good candidate for the job of making boomerangs. A quick look at this Wikipedia Article will give you a fair idea of boomerang basics.

This is much easier for all of us if we can explain the process with images. so i have put up some before and after images of a cute little boomerang made out of a stores card. It is more enjoyable when you do it with a valid card. expired credit cards are not that much fun to play with. leave them for your children to play with.

boomerang 01

You can also do it with ATM Cards like I have done below but still they are not as much fun as credit cards are.

boomerang 02

These boomerangs won’t fly right away. You will have to follow these instructions to make the boomerangs fly.

boomerang 03

As you till try to do this, you will be amazed to realize that it takes a bit of a practice before you can flick properly. here are few tips:

– Try twisting them a little bit (helps for a longer flight)
– Try rounding off the corners.
– Experiment other shapes…

A well made credit card boomerang normally flies up to 5 meters and comes right back to you.(well almost… : )

Here are a couple of more tips:

– Un-equal arm lengths make the credit card boomerang fly better. So it’s alright if you don’t cut them properly.
– Credit Card Plastic is quite hard and if you are lucky enough to make a good boomerang, It WILL come back to you. Just be care full not to hit yourself or someone around you in eye with that. Supervise your kids if and when they are cutting up your credit cards for fun.
– If you are interested to know more about science behind this, you would find this article very useful.

Do let me know how your credit card boomerang worked. I am interested to know if a MasterCard flies better than VISA card. I have heard AMEX are the best..

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  1. Now with the economy in such a turmoil, this is a good use for those credit cards.

    Haha 🙂

    Cool idea!

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